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We offer a company professional with an experienced team, equipped with the best audiovisual media.


Digital and analog sound mixers. Wireless handheld microphone, lapel and UHF headband. Dynamic and condenser microphony. Passive and active acoustic boxes. Press patch. Dj equipment. Simultaneous translation Stages of power. Sounds and public address equipment. Multi-conferences Audio guides. Event recording


Robotic mobile heads. Spectacular lighting. Aircones. Tracers aerial. Tracking guns. Tables of lights. Laser effects. Flames and diffusers of fire. Multi-channel dimmers, multi-effect cuts. Architectural lighting and lighting decoration. Machines of smoke, fog, ultraviolet light. Gobos. Citycolors DMX wireless lighting. Luminous moons 2 meters 360º


Videoproyectores 4k, 8k of high luminosity. Signal climbers SDI-HDMI splitters. Wiring systems by SDI. Interchangeable optics. Panoramic and 4: 3 translucent screens. Giant screens with truss. 3D projections. VideoMapping Holograms.


LCD / OLED screens. LED screen large format indoor and outdoor Virtual infographics. Closed TV circuit. Videoconferences. Robotic cameras. 360º cameras Virtual reality. Cromakey. Augmented reality. LED tow screens. Blending Reports and aerial shots with drones. Photography and professional video. Videowall Satellite retransmission. Videostreaming. Mobile units TV.


Simulation, emulation and Advergaming. Desktop computers. Laptop computers pc. Portable MAC computers. Slide pins. Laser and ink printers. Interactive voting. Office automation


Trilite modular truss structure. Lecterns Platforms Furniture for events. Catenaries Tents, Tents, Domes, Parasols, Umbrellas, Generating sets. Cyclorams Back Signaling Scenarios


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